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Here at Royal Living LLC, we take pride in our attention to detail and taking care of our customers. The services we provide will make home feel more like home to your residents, make their everyday responsibilities a little easier and less stressful. Services will also assist the property manager by giving them more time to focus on completing service tickets and managing the property.

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Stay up to date on how clean your community really is.

A very important objective to keeping happy residents and attracting new residents is having a clean community. Residents do not want to walk through hallways that have trash or smell like trash. Also, potential residents do not want to be on a tour and see balconies, hallways and compactor areas overflowing with trash. That is a fast way to lose current residents and potential residents

With the Royal Living services and reporting app, you will know trash isn’t being stored on patios, spilled in hallways and that it is being picked up 5 days a week. So, no loosing precious customers or potential residents for a messy or smelly community.

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Some of the best features

The Royal Living App can be accessed 24/7 to review current or past pickup dates. Not only can you review current or past services, but the app takes pictures that records the location, time and date of when the trash was picked up. If you are busy and can’t log into the app to review the pictures that’s ok, after each service a PDF copy is emailed right to you and you can review it whenever you have the time.


Unlimited Photo Storage

Have a large community? No worries, the app will have enough space for the largest communities. A picture will be taken of every resident’s doorstep, before and after showing if the trash was set out and if so, it will show you the trash has been picked up.

Access All Reports

After each trash pickup service, a report will be sent to you on the app and a PDF copy will be sent to you via email. If you are noticing a trend that a resident is consistently not putting their trash out, you are able to pull up past reports and review. Also, if you are wondering if someone has multiple violations, you can go back and pull past reports to verify.

Extreme Security

The app is secure, you must be given access to get into the app to review reports. The app is monitored, and anyone can be denied access at any time. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your property reports being accessed.

Easy to use

The app is very easy to use. All you do is log-in using your log-in information, click on the report that has been sent to you and review. That simple!

At Royal Living, LLC we believe everyone needs a helping hand every now and then. We understand that it is difficult for residents to complete all of their daily responsibilities after a full day’s work. Royal Living, LLC provides various services that will assist your residents and remove some of their worries and stress. Our services allow residents to have more time to give attention to other responsibilities or have extra time for themselves. The services we provide are as follows:

Daily Data Analytics

You will receive daily reports for the selected time and dates for your community.
The daily report will include the following:

A great feature about the Royal Living Trash Removal App is the ability to document the entire process of the trash removal process. Before pictures will be taken to document if a resident set any trash out, didn’t set any trash out and if a resident committed a violation. Then another picture will be taken showing the trash has been removed from the resident’s doorstep. Lastly, after all the resident’s doorsteps have been visited a report will be uploaded to you on the app to review and a PDF copy will automatically be sent to you via email.



Royal Living LLC takes pride in helping you keep a clean community for your resident’s.

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