Your residents will place their trash inside the provided trash bin and tie shut.


Your residents will then place their trash bin outside of their door at 8pm to be picked up by the trash service.


The trash collection service will start at 8pm sharp. Trash will be collected in leak proof bags from the resident’s door step and thrown away.


Residents will return their trash bins back inside their apartments by 9am the next morning.

The trash pickup service is documented from the time our employee starts until they finish. As soon as we arrive to the property, a picture is taken to document the time, date and location. A time, date and location stamped photo will also document the trash being removed from the resident’s doorstep. Not only that, it will document whether the resident had trash to set out or if they violated the trash removal requirements. A PDF copy of the trash removal service will be sent to the property manager nightly, via email.

Did a resident not set their trash out on time and miss their trash pickup service? Not to worry, the resident can simply log into their Royal Living App and request that their trash be picked up. If the request is submitted inside of the timeframe for your property, Royal Living LLC will come back and collect their trash.



No Loose trash
No bags over 25 lbs
Double bag all pet waste
No sharp objects or broken glass
No large items such as furniture, large boxes, etc.
Wanting to request pet services, maid services, package delivery or dry cleaning? IT’S SIMPLE!!!

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