Going to the leasing office to receive a package is a fast and simple task for some residents and more difficult for others. Time and physical ability can hinder the process of picking up packages in a timely manner. Instead of a package sitting in the leasing office for one day, it may take a resident two to three days to retrieve their packages. Royal Living, LLC is here to provide your residents with package pickups. By using our App, residents can complete the request form and have their package delivered in a timely manner
The package delivery service will be documented with time, date and location stamped photos. The Royal Living employee will take a photo of the resident’s package, documenting that the package has been received and will also take a photo of the package documenting that their package has been successfully delivered to their property. Your residents will no longer have to worry if their package is setting in the leasing office waiting to be picked up.
The package will be delivered to their residents in a safe, timely and efficient manner.

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