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Knowing that your property is well kept and clean is a great feeling! Royal Living, LLC works with the residents and the property owners to ensure properties are clean and have quality curb appeal. We work with property owners and provide services to ensure the trash waste stations and property units are kept clean. Trash flowing out of compactors and dumpsters will have potential customers questioning if your property is where they would like to live. Our company will keep dumpsters and trash compactors clean and organized. Our work makes your property more attractive to an individual who is considering living in one of your available residence.


We offer services that both the property owner and resident will benefit from on a daily basis. Making home feel more like home and improving residential retention rates. Your residents will likely want to call your property home for many years. Our services provide the property owner an additional stream of income; increased property value; assistance with the maintenance of their property; and added security. You will set yourself apart from your competition by providing an amenity most requested by residents.

Sense of Well-Being

Property managers will have peace of mind knowing they no longer have to worrying about if their staff is completing their service calls in a timely manner. Royal Living, LLC provides on-going services for the property managers which allows their property teams to focus on completing service tickets in a timely manner. Our dedication to helping others and strengthening our community enhances the overall satisfaction of your residents. Our services provide a sense of comfort for all. Our user-friendly App allows residents to request our services from the comfort of their own home.
Royal Living, LLC takes pride in helping property managers keep a cleaner community and providing a variety of amenities to residents. We understand how curb appeal and the overall appearance to the community at large can lead to more tenants and tenant retention. Setting yourself apart from other residential living communities is key to the success of your properties. Among the many services we offer, we recognize that Royal Living, LLC’s trash service will give your residents a reason to choose your property over your competitors. Trash removal service has been voted as the #1 amenity by multi-family residents, over swimming pools and workout rooms.
Where is the first-place residents set their trash when they do not feel like taking it to the dumpster? You guessed correctly! They are likely going to pile the trash in the corner of the kitchen or outside on their patio. This will lead to damaged floors, as well as, unwanted odors, bugs and ultimately the loss of property value. We provide trash removal services five (5) days a week and ensure that trash will be removed from your units in a timely and efficient manner.
What happens when a resident is taking out their trash and the bag leaks in the hallway? What happens if the trash bag breaks and trash spills onto the hallway floors? Most tenants will leave you guessing who is responsible for the mess. Royal Living, LLC guarantees that all residents’ trash is transported from the doorstep to the dumpster in a leak proof carrying bag. We ensure that no spills or messes will be left behind.
Royal Living, LLC not only offers amenities to the property managers, but can add revenue as well. Property Managers’ goals should be to have a quality property and quality customer service for their tenants. These efforts lead to increased revenue and a reduction in tenant complaints. Some property managers do this by increasing rental fees, while others accomplish this goal by a decrease in tenant turnover. Attracting more tenants to a property that offers the amenities provided by our company increases the overall revenue stream.
We understand the complexities of turning over a property once a tenant moves out. This task is often tedious and stressful. Depending on the condition in which the tenant left the property, property managers often have a lag time in preparing the property for a new tenant. Royal Living, LLC has a professional team with years of experience who are ready to handle this task in a timely, efficient and safe manner. We guarantee quick turnaround for the property manager to rent the space to another tenant.

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