Is it the time for your residents to take out the trash? Do they have to walk down flights of stairs? Do they have to go out in varied whether conditions? Do they have to use their vehicle to transport their trash to their designated trash location? Royal Living, LLC will complete this task for them. Ensuring safety for residents and giving them a peace of mind is our priority.
The love we have for our furry friends is special. Owning pets of our own, we understand how important it is to keep them happy, safe and comfortable. Your residents are just a few clicks away from having a professional dog walker at their doorstep, ready to provide special care for their furry friend. Our services ensure that pets are getting plenty of potty breaks, exercise and social time.
Do your residents have issues doing their weekly cleaning? Do they struggle with the day-to-day demands of washing dishes, dusting, sweeping, etc.? Do they need someone to prepare for a family gathering or having friends over for a visit? If they need cleaning services, Royal Living, LLC is here to ease the burden. Residents can use the Royal Living App and schedule their professional home cleaning TODAY! They can choose from our regular cleaning or a deep cleaning option.
Going to the leasing office to receive a package is a fast and simple task for some residents and more difficult for others. Time and physical ability can hinder the process of picking up packages in a timely manner. Instead of a package sitting in the leasing office for one day, it may take a resident two to three days to retrieve their packages. Royal Living, LLC is here to provide your residents with package pickups. By using our App, residents can complete the request form and have their package delivered in a timely manner.
Is it difficult for your residents to wash their clothes and bedding? We offer wash and fold, as well as, dry cleaning services. We want to ensure that your residents have clean clothing available to them each day. Our staff will ensure that all clothing is separated washed, folded and returned to the resident in a guaranteed time frame.
We take pride in helping and assisting our customers. We ensure you and your residents receive quality customer service! Removing the stress and worry of daily chores is a commitment that Royal Living, LLC has to all our clientele. Property managers will appreciate the added amenities that set them apart from other competitors. These services will enhance property value and likely increase properties’ retention rates.

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