We understand the complexities of turning over a property once a tenant moves out. This task is often tedious and stressful. Depending on the condition in which the tenant left the property, property managers often have a lag time in preparing the property for a new tenant. Royal Living, LLC has a professional team with years of experience who are ready to handle this task in a timely, efficient and safe manner. We guarantee quick turnaround for the property manager to rent the space to another tenant.
The turning service will be documented with time, date and location stamped photos from the time of service starts until the service has been completed. The report will document the condition of the apartment; including any damages to the unit prior to cleaning begins. As units are being cleaned and prepared for a future tenant, photos will be taken to document the status on the repairs. The documentation will ensure that Royal Living, LLC is completing the required repairs and completing the work in a timely manner. A PDF copy of the turning service will be sent to the property manager via email, ensuring the repairs have been completed at a professional level.

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